XBloome was a four piece band from Austria who lay their focus on electronic music. Their musical tension arc ranges from the spherical right up to electrifying synthpop songs.

The hard facts

Name: XBloome
Founded: April 2005
Disbanded: May 2015
Genre: Electronic / Down-Tempo / Trip Hop / House
Origin: Austria - Vienna


  • Betti Stewart: Vocals
  • Hannes Zellhofer: Synthesizer
  • Bernhard Wodni: Bass
  • Andreas Demmelbauer: Drums

XBloome also have been:

  • Bernhard Glatz: Vocals, Trumpet, Glockenspiel (till 2014)
  • Peter B.: Drums, Programming, Glockenspiel (till 2012)
  • Belinda Fritz: Vocals, Violin, Guitar (till 2012)
  • Live Supporters (this guys also played some shows with us ...): Wolfgang Graschopf, Hannes Ursenbach, Vera Rausch, Simon Fally, Daniel Steiner, Jakob "Crash Man" Mayrhofer, Markus "Jimi" Ivan,(unplugged: Thomas Gartler, Moritz Stadler)

Since their formation in 2005 XBloome have played many festivals, such as the Electronic-Beats Festival in Graz, the B├Âllerbauer Open-Air in Haag as well as on festivals in Sweden and the Czech Republic. In Austria XBloome aren't an unknown quantity either, as gigs in Arena, Fluc, B72, Chelsea, Klub Ost, Rhiz in Wien; Smaragd/Linz, Bergwerk/Neusiedl, Denkmal/Salzburg and many more prove. The band have already released two albums, a remix album, an EP and a single. Among others FM4, SKUG, mica and some other magazines and online platforms have mentioned/ written about the band. Countless radio stations and podcasts play XBloome tracks.

All publications (licenced under Creative Commons) are available for download on the hompage www.xbloome.com free of charge and in high quality.